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Today's Woman
Life Balance Secrets
(Practical Tips & Tricks for Overcoming Overwhelm)
Kind Words From Beautiful Readers:

I am currently reading your book ... and I'm laughing, then sobbing.  Your book has entered my life at the right time, thank you for giving me the inspiration to never up & dream big!  

Anna Fantasia

Hi Miriam, As you can imagine, I've read a sh#tload of books. As Charlie Jones said: 'You'll be the same person in 5 years except for the people you meet and the books you read.' Read the book on the weekend - it's BLOODY GREAT!!!!

Kev Grover

I started reading it & didn't stop 'til I finished the whole book..... It all just hit home. 

Thank you Miriam - it's truly an inspiring book.

Bella Primadonna

OMG. I am loving this book! 

Anna Minicozzi

I can't put your book down. It couldn't have come at a more appropriate time in my life. Thank you! x

Tammy Edwards - Telstra Business Award Finalist

Miriam Castilla is someone you would like to meet for a cup of coffee, so you could soak up her wisdom, humor and warm presence. Since she lives in Australia, her book, "Today's Woman" is a wonderful substitute. Her warm and caring personality shines on each page of this book, as she gently leads you through her unique processes. Women fall easily into the trap of "doing it all," but Miriam has discovered another way to be fulfilled, healed and happy and she delights in sharing her insights and techniques. After you finish reading this book, you will want to share it with your girlfriends, sisters and the other important women in your life!

Kathryn Eriksen - Author, Heart Dancing

bonus box

Today's Woman - Life Balance Secrets

Practical Tips & Tricks For Overcoming Stress, Guilt & Overwhelm.

Author: Miriam Castilla

"Live The Life You Love & Love The Life You Live"

If you’ve ever felt like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and wondered how on earth other women survive the work-life balance juggle, Today’s Woman - Life Balance Secrets is the book for you!

Through a unique combination of powerful mindset strategies, everyday practical tips and inspiring real life stories, international author, speaker & award winning business owner Miriam Castilla shares the secrets to rediscovering your core values and creating the life of your dreams.

Inside You'll Discover:

  • The 7 Proven Steps To Help You Find Those Extra Hours In The Day
  • The Secret To Saying ‘No’ - Guilt-Free!
  • How To Turn Your Partner Into A Happy, Sexy Support Machine
  • 3 Simple Steps To Rediscover Your Purpose & Passion
  • The Golden Rules For Ensuring You Get Time To Sit & Smell The Roses
  • 3 Powerful Strategies To Tap Your Secret Energy Vault
  • The 5 Key Mindset Strategies To Sky Rocket Your Success

 “This book gives me great comfort and has encouraged me to invest some precious time in myself.  I hope it creates a ‘domino effect’ for all women to do the same!”  Kelly Baker-Jamieson, Telstra Business Woman of the Year SA 2011



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